silver VW Golf mk4, X-reg, 1.6, sunroof

silver VW Golf mk4, X-reg, 1.6, sunroof
silver VW Golf mk4, X-reg, 1.6, sunroof #0silver VW Golf mk4, X-reg, 1.6, sunroof #1silver VW Golf mk4, X-reg, 1.6, sunroof #2
Run: 168 thousand miles
Model: Golf
Type of fuel: Gasoline
Engine displacement: 1600 cm 3
Color: silver
Transmission: Mechanical
Year of release: 2000
Body type: Hatchback
City: Edinburgh
Last visit: 5 Sep 2014
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Posted: 5 Sep 2014

I was the third owner, and enjoyed it for the past 3 and a half years. The original owner had it for most if its life, doing mostly motorway miles hence the mileage. The engine is in good mechanical condition and burns no oil whatsoever: I have the oil changed every year, and only towards the end of the year you may think it could use a small top up, but still within the safe range. It's been well looked after mechanically. I have the original service history booklet, and in addition I have all the receipts for any repairs I have done to it in the time I had it.

I always serviced it at the same VW-specialist garage and they know me and the car, so I'd happily introduce you to them if you don't have another preferred garage.


electric sunroof

electric front and rear windows

auto-darkening rear view mirror (should be standard! I'll miss this)

rain-sensor for the windscreen wipers

air conditioning (never used, so it would probably need refilling)

Pioneer stereo (CD, CD-MP3, USB, Aux) with removable fascia (I have the original stereo as well, which I'll include

All windows and sunroof can be locked at once from the driver's door in one go, which is a nice touch.

Two standard keys plus the emergency key are included, as well as original manuals and folder.

In the past year I replaced all four spring coils and I just replaced the rear exhaust silencer, and the spark plugs and HT leads were replaced recently. I had it serviced in July, so there are no obvious outstanding issues at the moment. It has decent Hankook tyres that have quite a lot of life in them still, especially the front ones. Good grip in wet conditions.

Engine behaves well, in good condition without burning oil, radiator is in good condition and rust-free judging by the colour of the coolant. Pretty good car for its age.

Cosmetically, it has a few points where you can tell some rust may be developing (but it's a 14 year old car but nothing worrying. It has a small dent on the front left wing, but no paint was removed and it was purely cosmetic, so I left it as it was.

It is taxed until March 2015, and MOT'd until the 28th of September.

Last year it failed the MOT on account of some front tyre damage and central part of the exhaust, so I put two new tyres on and fixed the exhaust. Most times it would just pass (especially if soon after a service, like I tend to do so if you look after it, it'll look after you.

I love this old car! :

It's available immediately.